Choosing The Best CBD products For Your Needs

From skin issues to stress relief, CBD is hugely popular now as a natural and highly effective solution for a wide range of conditions.

There are a lot of CBD brands and products to choose from and it can be rather bewildering to know which ones to opt for. When it comes to oral drops, experts recommend starting with lower dose products and seeing how you feel and if they have the calming effect you wish for.. and, if, after a few weeks you're finding you need a little more help, opt for the next highest dose and so on. Those experienced in using CBD can of course select the higher doses they are comfortable with.

Skincare-wise, choosing products with a high level of CBD is sensible. But also look for those with ingredients which as as natural as possible.

Here are some of the KCR's beauty & health team's favourite brands and products:


Cannabotech is a super-innovative biomedical company focused on the benefits of cannabinoids and medicinal mushrooms. They pioneer marrying traditional Asian knowledge with modern science to create their proprietary, patent-pending M²CBD formula, a synergy blend of functional mushrooms and high-quality cannabidiol (CBD). They enhance their formulas further with complementary evidence-based botanicals and minerals so you can get the premium support you need.

Their products have been designed to help you take control of common health concerns including stress, sleep, immunity, muscle and joint fatigue, skin health, and other conditions associated with the modern lifestyle. To help the immune system the Immunity drops retail for £59 featuring 500mg of CBD as well as immune-boosting mushrooms and 100mg of zinc. If you are looking for a more peaceful sleep the Beauty sleep drops that retail for £79 include CBD to balance stress levels, 5HTP to naturally boost serotonin levels and chamomile to improve relaxation. Visit Cannabotech

Our Remedy

Our Remedy is an award-winning female-founded brand with a focus on sustainability and self-care. They are focused on helping women's menstrual and mindset health, finding balance and caring for the planet. Their product range is made in the UK, is totally vegan and packaged using eco-friendly materials.

Hero products include Moon Swings drops which help calm on soothe during that time of the month - choose between 500 and 1000mg priced £28.99 – £53.99. And for issues with restlessness and anxiety, choose their excellent Pretty Peaceful drops which combine CBD and geranium, lavender and sweet orange essential oils. Visit Our Remedy

Pure Sport

This excellent wellness brand was founded by rugby player and athlete Grayson Hart, who discovered the amazing effects of CBD when researching for pain relief for injuries he sustained on the pitch. Grayson and Glasgow Warriors teammate Adam Ashe decided to try to create the world’s most trusted and effective CBD products, and be a brand that really helps build a community to raise awareness of the benefits of CBD and other natural alternatives to reduce pain and aid with stress relief and conditions like insomnia.

They now have a wide product range to choose from including gift sets and bundles, oils, balms and capsules containing potent and highly effective combinations of CBD, Nootropics and vitamins/minerals and essential oils. We're major fans of their Unwind range in particular. Pure Sport Unwind oil has been designed to reduce anxiousness and promote better sleep. It contains 1500mg of CBD, lavender and Vitamin B complex and is priced at £80. Pure Sport also offers the Female Balance range to to help women with pre-menstrual issues and also assist those experiencing menopause (£30). They even sell a range of high quality and stylish leisure/performance wear too.

Visit Pure Sport.

Canna 360

The highly effective Canna 360 range provides pure, organic, broad spectrum CBD products boosted with multi vitamins for optimum health and well-being. Their ground-breaking plant based products provide natural therapeutic solutions in daily capsule formats and oils to aid and improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Their hero product is a favourite of ours - Rebound Plus. It has all the benefits of the highest quality CBD oil optimised with a recommended daily dose of multivitamins, in a vegan capsule for every-day use. The health-boosting combination of Vitamins C, B2, B6 & D and CBD help fight against fatigue and exhaustion, and helps support healthy immune system function. The pack contains 30 capsules and retails at £69.95. Visit Canna 360

Holistic Impact

Holistic Impact was founded by Kemmy who grew up in Sweden, surrounded by nature and developing a deep appreciation for natural healing. Kemmy moved to London to study Osteopathy in 2009 and has 7 years experience in Osteopathy and in 2019 she became a finalist for the Associate Osteopath of the Year Award, presented by the Institute of Osteopathy. She then started her own clinic Holistic Impact whilst being a Visiting Expert for award-winning wellness resorts Six Senses, and partnering with Box Up Crime which has been awarded a British Empire Medal.

Holistic Impact offers CBD oil, balm and a gorgeous uplifting candle, all using natural ingredients, to be incorporated into and enhance your day to day routine. The Holistic Impact CBD Oil is paired with Organic C8 + C10 Coconut MCT Oil to boost the CBD absorption. MCT is known to deliver extra energy and brain power. Brimming in natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and phytonutrients, it is sustainably sourced and cruelty-free. £70. Visit Holistic Impact

Honey Heaven CBD Gummy Bears