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Learn how to treat the most delicate part of your face and approach your beauty regime with fresh eyes, thanks to this expert advice.

Invited to London’s stylish Nobu Portman Square hotel for the launch of PCA skin’s Vitamin B3 Eye Brightening Cream, I was greeted with a Goji Berry smoothie. Moments later, I was entranced by a detailed presentation about the biology and importance of keeping our peepers healthy. It was so detailed, in fact, that I was soon regretting my 9am Salmon Sashimi bowl (so Nobu) when Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr Elizabeth Hawkes, played real video content showing the inside of someone’s eyelids. I shall spare you the details, all but this one important tip: refrain from rubbing your eyes hard and go gently when removing eye makeup, so as not to pull the fat deposits. This will help to prevent them literally falling out of your eye sockets with age and creating those dreaded bags! After watching the video, it’s a lesson in eye-care I will never forget.

Enter luxury, cosmeceutical, skincare brand PCA skin. First of all, their range of products is completely free from potential irritants like synthetic dyes and fragrances and, critically, doesn’t condone animal testing. Their innovative Vitamin B3 Eye Brightening Cream is formulated with 5% Niacinamide, which helps to improve barrier function, reduce trans-epidermal water loss and to even out skin discolouration. Daisy Flower and Hawkweed Extracts reduce melanin deposition and encourage lymphatic drainage, while antioxidants, and other botanical extracts - including Goji Berry - help to achieve instant brightening, as well as visible reduction in under-eye circles and uneven skin tone. Other benefits include reduction of watering around the eyes, and protection of the delicate under-eye skin from stress, UV rays, and blue light-induced damage.

In fact, in a 12-week study (which saw testing on skin types 1 - 5, for anyone with a penchant for drilling down to the numbers) participants applying the cream twice daily reported noticeable improvements, including visible reduction in skin redness, better in skin texture, the reduction of fine lines and directional change in under-eye brightness. The science is impressive. My advice? Gently tap this silky cream onto cleansed skin with your ring finger, on the bone orbiting your eyes. I’m prone to dark circles beneath my eyes and this brightening cream has improved their appearance immeasurably.

Another recent eye-care product launch comes from family owned, VOYA - and if it’s hydration that you’re after, look no further. This Irish, internationally recognised, spa brand has just launched their new 100% organic seaweed eye masks, made from sustainably sourced Irish “Laminaria Digitat” seaweed, which is harvested by hand and cut into dainty, kidney-shaped pieces before being dehydrated and packaged for use. Inspired by their original marine eye patches, used in their signature luxury facials, the Renewal Eyes Seaweed Eye Masks are the perfect way to get the VOYA experience at home.

VOYA’s scientific research claims that seaweed helps collagen production in the skin by over 202% and the specific variety they use has been proven to increase the skin’s ability to fight free radicals by over 122%. Too good to be true? I popped a pair of these on one evening after rehydrating them in warm water, as instructed. After a couple of minutes in moisture, they reverted to their original soft state and I took pleasure in how smooth and jelly-like they felt. The patches stick to the under-eye skin easily; the tip is to then smooth the excess gel, which is similar to that of the Aloe Vera plant, across your face to spread that nourishment even further. I kept them on until they seemed to dry (after an episode of my favourite programme) and, taking on the suggestion from VOYA, finely chopped the seaweed to scatter into my house plants as feed. I decided to skip my evening face-care routine and let the seaweed work its magic overnight; the following morning, I was blown away by how plump and fresh my face looked. My skin felt hydrated and was springy to the touch; in fact, it looked like I’d had a Profhilo treatment (Hylauronic Acid injections to increase collagen production) rather than a night in with a box-set playing dress-up with seaweed!

If you are looking for a reason to treat your skin to something special - and why on earth wouldn't you? - the very reasonably priced VOYA Renewal Eyes are an absolute must.

by Ellie Tanner

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