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Maltesers Dark Presents: Honesty Baked In

Next week, Wednesday 3rd August, Maltesers Dark will be opening a one-of-a-kind cake shop in London, giving customers the chance to get their hands on some amusingly honest cakes.

With cake recipes created by 2021 Bake Off finalist Crystelle Pereira, the bakery will serve free cakes that come hand piped with messages giving people the chance to get their cheeky thoughts off their chest, with phrases such as ‘No more pictures of your wedding please.’

Located on Old Brompton Road, in the heart of London’s South Kensington, the first of its kind bakery will be open on the 3rd August from 12pm – 5pm, with all cakes being available to collect on the day.

Clare Moulder, Senior Brand manager from Maltesers said “Honesty Baked In is a chance for people to embrace their cheeky side and share how they really feel, all whilst softening the blow with some delicious cake. We can’t wait to see what people get off their chest once they feed their dark side!”

Honesty Baked In has been created to celebrate the launch of Maltesers Dark, the new innovation from Maltesers now available in the UK.

Maltesers Dark Presents: Honesty Baked In

Dates: Wednesday 3rd August

Timings: Open from 12 midday to 5pm for collection

Price: FREE

Address: 47 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, SW7 3JP*

Nearest Tubes: South Kensington

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