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Eye enhancers to get in a flutter about

Warm weather is often unkind to false and extended lashes, since it tends to impact the adhesive. Going for a dip - especially in chlorinated water - can also compromise your poolside glam, while brows take a beating, too. The answer? Going natural - with a little bit of help from one of these hero products, which include supplements, serums and mascaras.

Mavala Double Lash

Scientifically developed in Switzerland, this award-winning serum is clinically proven to increase eyelash retention and growth within a month, by revitalising, nourishing and repairing lashes. Containing a snail secretion used within many cult beauty products from Southeast Asia, as well as Elastin and Allantoin, Double Lash extends the natural lash cycle, leaving lashes fuller and longer. Just brush on to clean lashes each night for 30 days.

RRP £17.50


Could this be the Holy Trinity of eye-enhancers? With a ‘Mascserum’ (serum + mascara), eyelash serum and brow serum, RapidGlam have got your eyes - not quite literally! - covered. All three formulations contain variations of the brand’s unique Hexatein® complex, which targets lash and brow concerns such as sheen, growth, fullness, moisture and manageability. Easy to apply, and successfully consumer-tested (for example, 93% of participants experienced fuller-looking brows in as little as 8 weeks when using RapidBrow®) RapidGlam™ might well be your summer season trifecta.

RRP £32 - £40

19/99 Lash Tint Mascara

Even if we didn’t love the 19/99 ethos - that beauty transcends age, and that beauty products can be enjoyed by anyone - we’d love this product, which has been specifically designed for ease of use, providing precise application even with the loss of volume that can occur with age. Available in taupe, brown and black, the tint contains jojoba and avocado oils, which provide conditioning and nourishment, while the bristles of the super-slim wand ensure that every lash gets the love it deserves.

RRP £17.00

Sculpted by Aimee’s MyMascara

Cult brand Sculpted by Aimee’s MyMascara’s sales speak for themselves, with one sold every second at launch, and 87% of purchasers ditching their regular mascara in favour of a repeat buy. Available in ultra-black or rich brown, this product has been formulated to add volume, definition, lift and curl, while nourishing the lashes with ProVitamin B5.

RRP £17


All of that ‘love’ that you give your brows to make them look fuller and more defined can also have a deleterious effect, leading to flakiness and itching - a look that’s not going to be improved by higher temperatures, nor by sweat and sunscreen. Enter Hydrosil: a vegan brow wand containing anti-inflammatory passionfruit seed extract and brow-repairing chicory root extract.

RRP £8.50

JSHealth Hair + Energy Formula

You only need to look at the rave reviews - complete with photographs - to know that this product really works. Using a combination of JSHealth Kelp™, zinc and iodine, JS Health Hair + Energy strengthens and lengthens swooshy hair and fluttery lashes, as well as upping your energy levels, which to us sounds like the perfect recipe for summer fun. Other benefits? Expect increased cognitive function, stronger nails, better immunity, a boosted nervous system and brighter skin: winning inside and out.

RRP £29.99

Oxford Healthspan Primeadine

Ever heard of spermidine? We’re often told about how the body’s manufacture of collagen slows as we age, but the production of spermidine, which comes from tissues and gut microbia, is impacted too. Supplementing this loss with food-derived spermidine can have a dramatic effect on cellular renewal and, therefore, on hair growth. Rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, Primeadine not only makes your hair and lashes longer and stronger, but also improves brain and heart health. In fact, the people of Okinawa, in Japan, have a diet high in spermidine and are known to have a much longer lifespan than other humans on the planet.

RRP £75

Purolabs Biotin Complex

Containing high-strength 10,000ug 100% pure biotin to boost natural keratin production, this UK-made supplement is plant-based and vegan friendly. Vitamin C, selenium, zinc and calcium are its other key ingredients: just take one capsule per day with food and water to nourish hair, skin and nails from within.


MONAT Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

For a natural look, this lash and brow serum has been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth or thicker, longer lashes and brows. It features bio-active complex Capixl™, as well as red clover extract and vegetable-based keratin, the product comes with a specially designed brush, which aids application. Use morning and night, and allow around 10 minutes drying time before applying makeup; you can expect to see results in as little as 28 days.

RRP £60


Another contender for the trifecta: Babe Lash comprises an amplifying brow serum to thicken brows naturally, as well as two lash products - a serum and a conditioner - to nourish and protect lashes and make them thicker, longer, stronger and lusher. With an overwhelming majority of users reporting impressive results, this is a trio worth investing in.

RRP £36-£45

Colorsport Power Serum

This enhancing Eyebrow & Lash Serum promotes hair growth, formulated with innovative Optiplex Growth Technology, and advanced Ultra Length Formula which helps to strengthen, nourish & renew your eyelashes & brows. It will improve the condition of your natural eyelashes & eyebrows, so that you can expect longer & thicker hair growth with results in just 30 days.

RRP £15.50

Embryolisse Lash & Brows Booster

Specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive eyes, this product is ideal for contact lens wearers. With active ingredients including panthenol, castor oil and biotinoyl tripeptide, Embryolisse is fragrance-free and worn alone or under mascara to thicken lashes in as little as 28 days.

RRP £25

Glow For It

Want fast results for a forthcoming event? Glow For it can lengthen your lashes in as little as two weeks, thanks to its 100% vegan and fragrance-free formulation of Pumpkin Seed Extract, Panax Ginseng, Swertia Japonica Extract and Acorus Calamus Root. Just apply to clean, dry lashes at night, allow it to absorb and then get your beauty zzzz in. For best results and consistently lush lashes, keep using beyond the two-week period.

RRP £29.99

Brows by Sarah

Developed by leading certified cosmetic tattooist, Sarah Fogg, this vegan and cruelty-free product range delivers clinically proven and anti-aging results, with naturally derived and scientifically engineered formulations. Wow Brow regrowth serum contains significant anti-ageing, regrowth and thickening ingredients, as well as hydrating and sculpting the brows, while Fluff it Up lifts, fixes and sculpts brows in a flash, giving you the benefits of brow lamination from your own home.

RRP £39.00

Sarah Rodrigues

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