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Vacation With An Artist

Vacation With An Artist (VA WAA) is an online platform that connects award-winning and recognised artists and artisans around the world with curious, engaged travellers who want to learn or deepen their knowledge of an art form and can do so in VAWAA mini apprenticeships. Among the wide variety of VAWAA experiences and locations you can find tattoo art in Brasilia, perfume making in Los Angeles, natural textile dyeing in Hanoi, ceramics in Mallorca, abstract painting and collages in The Hague, creating traditional copper bells in Takaoka, photography in Gran Canaria or learning Sufi dancing in Istanbul, to name just a few. VAWAA’s unique format of one-to-one mini apprenticeship enables the development of a very personal exchange between the artist and their guest. Each mini apprenticeship is individually designed, with artists supporting their guests according to their abilities, interests, goals, or project ideas, so it doesn't matter whether the guest is a beginner or simply wants to deepen their knowledge of the creative field of their choice.

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