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Why You Should Indulge in Luxury Boat Travel

More travellers are splurging on luxurious holidays this year. The Guardian reports that many are spending as much as £100,000 on trips. In fact, more than 80% of these travellers are citing spending time with family and loved ones after a chaotic past few years of having little to no trips at all as their reason to travel. As such, the travel industry can expect more special trip-of-a-lifetime adventures in the following months, with wealthy Britons indulging in bespoke trips. These include luxury boat travel, which you should consider because of the benefits we listed down below:

For freedom and flexibility

Going on a luxury boat trip gives a sense of freedom and flexibility that you won’t get on any normal trip. Typically, you’ll have the boat all to yourself and your loved ones, so you have the freedom to choose your itinerary and the flexibility to change plans almost instantly. For example, instead of island hopping, you can tweak the schedule and request to have the yacht anchored to sunbathe. Princess Yacht Charter recommends itineraries for their guests, but of course, you can adjust it however you want. They also offer bespoke itinerary consultations to meet your specific wants and needs, further emphasising the freedom and flexibility that can only be acquired on a luxury boat trip.

To enjoy luxurious amenities

Being on a boat means getting to explore more of the region. However, exploring doesn’t have to be boring. You can do it in style, especially when there are various luxury amenities on board offered by travel companies. This makes the trip much more special and relaxing, as you get to see new sights while indulging in affluent experiences. Explora offers luxury amenities such as a Thermal Spa while the boat is at sea. Their trips also go around the UK and Ireland, so you can rest assured that a very comfortable trip is ahead of you, as you travel from one port to another.

For some peace and privacy

Getting on a luxury boat means that you mostly have it to yourself. This allows for peace and privacy that you may otherwise not get on typical holiday trips with strangers. It gets you and your loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of other passengers. Boutique Narrowboats have narrowboats designed for couples, groups of people, and even pets. You can comfortably have your loved ones and furry friends on a canal trip that ensures utmost peace and privacy, since you (or a companion) can drive the narrowboat yourself.

To get the best guest experience

For many people, the point of travelling is to spoil themselves and get the best experiences. This includes being looked after by a highly trained crew and ensuring that you have everything needed for your convenience and enjoyment. AmaWaterways focuses on giving the best guest experience along the rivers by ensuring their safety. They consistently sanitise the boat, provide different menus for various meal options, and give guests the best service by attending to their requests. After all, aside from the adventure that comes with being on a boat, you will want the trip to be as comfortable as possible. As luxury travelling increases this year, luxury boat trips are one thing to consider adding to your itinerary. If you liked this article, do check out more of our pieces here at Kensington and Chelsea Review.

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